Islay and Jura Credit Union

How We Can Help You

When you buy from a local shop, your money stays locally and benefits the economy of Islay and Jura.  Unfortunately, as we all know, it is not always possible to get what we need locally, especially for bigger purchases such as furniture and domestic appliances.  Catalogues seem like an attractive option, as they offer a wide choice of goods and the convenience of paying for them in instalments.  However, there is a hidden cost with catalogues; to make up for allowing you to pay over a period of weeks or months, they charge higher prices than the big High Street stores.  “Interest Free Credit” may appear to be a good deal, but you could pay more in the long run.

So how can you get a bargain and spread the payments at a rate you can afford?  Simple!  By taking out a Credit Union loan, you have your money “up front” and can look around for the best deal, in the shops or on the Internet.  You choose to make weekly or monthly repayments at an amount you can afford so you have control of your own finances, and the interest rate on a Credit Union loan is lower than that charged by many catalogues.

How You Can Help Us

Many of the best bargains nowadays are found on the Internet.  Even the big High Street chains often have special offers on their Web sites that are not available through their shops.  You can now take advantage of these bargains and help your Credit Union at the same time, by shopping via our Webshop.

Just sign up for an account at choosing the Credit Union as your good cause, and follow the links to any of the big name stores you find there.  If you then decide to buy an item, Islay & Jura Credit Union will receive a percentage of the price.  You will not be charged any extra, but some of your money will be coming back to benefit your local community.  Even if you are not a member of the Credit Union, you can use our Webshop and help support a local initiative.